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All Generations

Schweitzer involves and celebrates all generations. From toddlers to grandparents, there’s a place for each and every person who steps onto our campus.

Young Adults

Kids Ministry

With over 110 children in attendance on Sunday mornings and over 70 children in attendance across our Wednesday night programming, we’re excited to see Schweitzer’s youngest generation digging into deeper relationships with God.

From week one, where only two kids volunteered to pray, to week five, where upwards of 20 were volunteering, Wednesday Night Kids Club has seen a significant increase in kids comfortable with public prayer. Our Discover group has followed the journal entries of multiple kids and is seeing students experiencing God in their lives that hadn’t had before.

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Youth Ministry

Across Sunday morning and Wednesday nights, we’ve got over 150 youth on Schweitzer’s campus, but more exciting than that is the number of youth who are digging deeper and giving back to our family.

Over 100 people have served with the Youth in different capacities throughout the past year—most notably, in Memphis last summer. 26 students and leaders were involved in a local community as they deepened the relationships they built last year while building and improving more homes.

There are over 80 adults that lead small groups and provide dinners in Youth Ministry, and there are 19 students in Deeper Discipleship.

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Young Adult Ministry

A new but growing ministry, the Young Adults have 150-200 in worship each Sunday across all four of our morning services. 62 of Schweitzer’s young adults are currently in Covenant Discipleship Groups, delving into Christian community on a weekly basis in their homes.

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Engaging Worship

It is our desire that each congregant experiences Engaging Worship in whichever Sunday service he or she chooses to attend. We long for God to become more real with each worship experience.


…average worshippers in attendance at Schweitzer in 2017

Kids Worship
8:20 Traditional
9:40 Modern
11 Traditional
11 Modern
Church at the Center

New Members

82 New Members
14 Professions of Faith
22 Transfers
34 Reaffirmations of Faith
12 Adult Baptisms

Deeper Discipleship

From Sunday morning classes to Covenant Discipleship Groups, we want each of our members to engage in deeper discipleship and close community.

Participants in Groups & Classes
Participants in Covenant Discipleship Group
Cell Groups
Spiritual Guides
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Caring Hearts

From the moment a person walks through our doors to some of life’s toughest seasons, we’re dedicated to caring for people.

First Impressions

  • When I started going to Schweitzer in January, I started thinking I may have found my home. After attending the newcomers class, I knew this church was much like my California church, loving, accepting and non-judgemental. I also met Erinn Johnson…and I so much appreciate her. I can’t say enough good things about having someone support a newcomer as they walk through making their decision and coming on board.
  • This Sunday will be our third visit. Good service. Grandbabies’ love their classroom, teacher and activities.
  • I’ve been attending Schweitzer Methodist Church for about a month now and I felt welcomed as soon as I walked through the door. I appreciate the opportunities available and feel blessed that I’ve found my way back into church. Every sermon speaks about my journey through life as it is today, and gives me inspiration as well as direction to better myself for my new journey in life.
  • I attended the church as a child, and I truly believe that this church feels like home each time that I walk through the door.


People have attended BBQ w/ Bob


Welcome gifts given to First-Time Guests


Donut Holes consumed

Caring Ministry

30 persons visited by Parish Visitors

Parish visits
Hospital visits

Bereavement ministry/Grief materials provided to 30 Recipients (x4 booklets)

Grief Class
Live Well Class
Celebrations of Life

Community Impact

Schweitzer is known for its Community Impact. It started small, with the Food Pantry and the Outreach Center, but its grown into one of our most exciting areas of ministry.

Outreach Ministries Born since 2010

Read More about these Ministries

Besides serving hundreds of people per month on-site (for example,
272 guests were served in October of 2017), 202 bins of food are processed annually in our crisis food pantry and distributed weekly to Harmony House and Safe to Sleep, every two weeks to pantries in other communities, and monthly (or whenever available) to Freeway Ministries, Crosslines, Victory Mission and Day Spring.

Our impact on the elementary school in our neighborhood continues to deepen with over 40 people serving the 331 Pittman students through Good News Club, Cents of Pride, and Tutoring.

Averaging 112 people each week, Church @ the Center is our Sunday night worship experience where people in generational poverty, long-term recovery, and re-entering society from jail and prison are finding their way into ministry at Schweitzer.

Jobs For Life is a 16-session class that provides teaching and mentoring in the areas of resume building, interviewing, communication, job retention, vocational planning and more. We’ve had 3 classes in 2017 that produced 19 graduates. In its lifespan, Jobs for Life has had 12 classes that produced 64 graduates, and a 13th is currently ongoing with 7 students!

The award-winning East Stanford Neighborhood Garden continues to provide garden plots at a very low annual cost, with only 11 of the 55 gardeners having a known connection to Schweitzer.

The Life Change plan is a one-year structured discipleship program transforming the lives of dozens of participants and mentors, with 8 graduates from the program in 2017 and 15 members currently enrolled.

Here's what the participants have to say about it

It has changed my way of thinking, of being the way I was.
—Jimmy Bryant (participant)

The requirements became something I wanted to do. Now I crave it, and I love it.
—Casey Miles (participant)

The program is named appropriately: Your life will change!
—Michele Mitchell (participant)

I’ve come way closer to God than I’ve ever been in my life through this program.
—Shayne Robertson (participant)

The habits and practices of daily reading and journaling from Scripture requirement help make this program more than one that just promotes sobriety and into one that focuses on long-term recovery and progress in getting along in society.
—Michelle Beck (participant)

I’m glad my mentee is growing, but I’m growing and excited about the program, too.
—Vicki Patterson (mentor)

I would love for this to not just be a one-year thing. I want to continue to share our victories and our struggles.
—Gary Potts (mentor)

The Coach House is a women’s program where a home owned by the church is in use to help women grow themselves in many ways while transitioning from homelessness to stable housing. In 2017, we can celebrate that 3 women have made this transition!

Faith & Finances is a 12-session class that looks at money and possessions through the lens of our relationship with God and builds skills especially helpful for those with low and fixed incomes. We’ve had one class that produced 11 graduates, and a second class is currently underway with 10 students enrolled!

Annual Giving:
$2.28 million

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